We are now Corona Ready

Welcome To ‘Corona ready’ Hospital

The nature of Corona virus (Covid 19) infection is such that any of us (Patient / Hospital staff / Doctor) may be a carrier of corona virus without having any symptoms. This opens up a chance of any of us catching infection from others. Since it is equally important to take care of your pain/suffering, we; at Aashray, are following the protocols laid down by the Government from time to time in an attempt to prevent transmission of possible infection.

This of course does not guarantee that one may not acquire the infection from Hospital / Staff / Doctors / Other patients and hence one should visit Hospital only if it is absolutely essential.

Here is a sample of Covid 19 protocol followed at Aashray Urology Institute. This is a dynamic protocol and it changes from time to time as per the directives of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India.